How to refer directly to a tv show with a single URL

I had this idea when I realized how many people twitter about what they are watching on tv right now. Taking a look at my German twitter friends on a sunday night, be sure, almost half of them will comment on the ongoing “Tatort”. But in contrast to stuff from the web, tv shows cannot be linked to directly. Of course, there are pages from tv channels, YouTube videos or blogentries, but there is clearly no distinct system to link to tv shows.

This is a gap to be filled, maybe it is THE gap to be filled for the two systems to grow together. We need URLs for tv shows.

How can this be done? Here is just an idea, feel free to discuss it, take it, rework it and implement it.

First we need a system for creating a unique link. That should not be difficult:
http://[countrydomain].[servicename, tbd.].net/[tvchannelname]/[tvshowname]/[additionalinformation]/[date]/[starttimeasdefinedbythechannel]

Second part is not so easy: What happens when this URL is used:
1. If there’s a lifestream ask if the user wants to open it – open it or
2. Show search results for
– flash videos
– mpg, mov, avi etc formats
– torrents
– text
3. Let user flag, submit errors, comment

I know that there needs to be a heavy algorhythm behind, hopefully some day building on microformats that mark tv shows on websites as events with title, tvchannel and the necessary date and time data. Semantic web in use, not?