Beam Stylewalker to Next09

I want to speak at Next09 and I need your help to do so!

is a conference for digital communication, economy, the web, technology and the actors within this world. “Share economy” will be the theme for this year, the conference will see speakers from all over the world, the private and the public sector, workshops and start-up presentations. All supposedly dealing with how digital technology, especially the internet, is changing the way people communicate and do business with enabling them to share. Next09 is organized by the Hamburg based company SinnerSchrader.

So, here is the plan: Propose me as a speaker! I did so myself already but I need a little more support, so I will post here what I wrote to Next09 and if you like it,

I very much ask you to go to this speaker proposal form and suggest me!

Which means that I should be spicing up the event with some funky music and community based interaction ideas I realized with the people from PANORAMA3000 over the last year that can be blueprints for brands to entertain people on the net.

Here are my ideas for a 30 minutes speech:

Entertaining community campaigns for movies, music, artists and entertainment companies

Germany’s Next Pussycat Dolls, Free-Your-TV, Kanye’s Love Bus, Berlin Calling – all of these where marketing campaigns that aimed to entertain users, turn fans into supporters and create attention and brand value for movies, music and entertainment companies.
PANORAMA3000 is specialized in community campaigns. We would like to present our overall approach of serious user integration and entertainment and show some illustrative examples.

The web has become a web of creators. People blog, submit photos and videos, create music online and interact closely with each other. Community campaigns aim to interact with the creativity of web users and are successful if they bring fun for the users as well as awareness and support for the products, artists and brands.

Movies and music are products that are very well suited to user participation models and, at the same time, not at all. It is a big challenge to create web campaigns that involve users with their creations around artists and movies and on the other hand maintain a strong idea that binds everything together. Media products are in this case only an example of how brands can be entertaining in general.

There are some success factors like powerful seeding, ongoing dialogue between users and organizers, focusing on scenes and communities rather than on target groups and creating an involving build-up of tension that brings life and identification to community campaigns.

PANORAMA3000 works with social communities like MySpace, Facebook, StudiVZ, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, JoinR, Mikestar or Hobnox and creates own sites to combine different platforms – every campaign has a slightly different approach and thus different platforms, scenes and goals to start with.

Succesful examples are the ones mentioned above:

1. Free-your-tv: Users could submit short movies, the winning clips would then be selected by other users and a jury and published on the DVD of “Free Rainer”. (client: Kinowelt)

2. Germany’s Next Pussycat Dolls – girl groups submitted photos of themselves styled as Pussycat Dolls and invited their friends to vote. The group with most votes after 5 weeks got to meet the original Pussycat Dolls. (client: Universal Music Germany)

3. Berlin Calling: An independent movie that relies heavily on community support and is now (November 08) entering its 7th week in cinemas. Especially for international distribution the team relies on user feedback of the large groups created in social networks as in finding distribution partners, cinemas, festivals or local promotion providers. (client: Sabotage Films)

We believe that these campaigns can be blueprints for entertaining community marketing in general. Entertainment products are well suited, but so are other brands that would like to entertain and reach out to a creative audience (e.g. Alfa Romeo Mito campaign). We believe that a presentation could be inspiring and fun for all the Next09 audience!

Language – English, Level – Novice, No notes

Director Concept

PANORAMA3000 – Post-Digitale Kreativagentur

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If you do so, please tell me, so I can send a big “THANKYOU” in various forms!