Best of Evolution2

The Evolution2 is the sequel of the first, very susccesful talent competition Evolution by Hobnox. The contest is coming closer to the final decisions, though it is still time to submit projects to enter the finals.

While the Evo2 is running hot right now, the winners of the first contest are presenting the results of their work since winning the contest at the big Hobnox launch party and evolution festival in february 08. Missy Magazine, a mag about pop, politics and style from a feministic viewpoint is now available as a good old glossy print mag, while Boombaker, a very energetic live drum’n’bass/breakbeat band are on tour right now.

Here, I’d like to present some of the most interesting pieces and explain the rules in a nutshell. Continue reading

P3000 Blogpost Widget from Sproutbuilder is an absolute blast. It’s a flash based widget builder which works entirely in your browser window and has a lot of editing features. Build sites with text, video, pictures, slideshows, maps, charts or insert RSS. Define size, fonts, colors, background, effects. Here are the most recent updates from the PANORAMA3000 blog in a widget, it took me 20 minutes to make it nice.

Jump on Kanye’s Love Bus

Auf gibt es eine nette Competition: Freund werden, Foto in das eigene MySpace-Profil hochladen, mit dem Urban Streetteam Profil verlinken und dann Kommentare auf dem Foto sammeln. Dazu kriegt jeder noch ein stylishes Widget zum eigenes-Bild-promoten.

Das Foto mit den meisten Kommentaren gewinnt – ein Trip im Bus inkl 5 weitere Freunde zum Konzert nach Oberhausen.

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