Pimpin’ aint easy – from Hong Kong to Berlin

pimpinainteasyNow this is a great story. Here’s a kid, from a German small town, Göttingen. He becomes a dj and is obessed with training with the decks. He gets really good, becomes a champion. Plays all over Germany, Europe, US. Goes on a tour to Asia – and stays there, playing regularly at parties in Hong Kong.

His name is Kid Fresh and I already wrote about him. Looking at the pictures on the partyblog accompanying the “Pimpin’ ain’t easy” parties in Hong Kong, he deals with a very fancy party crowd there.

Tonight he’ll be playing at Scala, Friedrichstr. Pimpin’ ain’t easy? In Kid Fresh’s case, this might be untrue.

Here is his Winter in Shang Hai Mix via Palmsout Sounds

And here’s his Micromegamix on Zshare