Final shows at Melt08

Melt Festival 08: Berlin Battery final show of the festival
The last moment of a long DJ show at a festival often is a magical moment, especially when it’s the last gig on that stage. I remember Roni Size and Dynamite playing extra long into the sunlight, same for Goldie next year as last show on the big stage.

This year, Goldie again was part of a legendary show: Skream, Lowqui and the godfather of DnB rocked the Dubstep floor massively on saturday. Watch Skream crowdsurfing in a video below. And with this year sunday being the last day of the festival, the big honour to close Melt 08 laid in the hands of Berlin Battery who had several last records until finally the gates had to close and everybody had to go home, to sleep, or to rock on at the Sleepless floor outside. Despite all the criticism coming down to Melt! this year, with such a frenetic finishing, it cannot have been such a bad festival..