Anyone who is into music, I mean, really, like producing, djing, working with it, should take a look at Soundcloud. I heard about it the first time at Next in Hamburg where Alexander Ljung presented his startup. He is one of the founders who decided early this year to come from Stockholm to Berlin to start this servive for music professionals which shall “represent the whole processes of music production and promotion until finally a song is being released” as Alexander summarizes the idea.

And Soundcloud is intriguing, not least because so many professional musicians from the electronic scene already are members and share their songs before they come out to a selected network of contacts: Richie Hawtin, Tanith, the whole Compost crew to only name a few. One nice feature is the comment function where people can put a comment into the timeline of a track and thus precisely give feedback, e.g. ask for songnames in dj mixes. Here is an amazingly fresh yet powerful dubstepmix by Tanith.

Another feature is the dropbox, so here you can drop songs for me I should e.g. consider playing in dj sets or promote via

Send me your track

I have one 19 invites (thanks, Alex!) for Soundcloud left, so leave a comment if you’re interested.

Tomorrow, Alexander organizes a likemind meeting, 9 AM (!), so come around, have a coffee at Oberholz, Berlin.