Scuba in the mix

scubaOh my god. Did I ever have such a physical experience of sound? Just by the pure power of bass? Did I ever see people rave to such crude beats, only driven by the sheer massiveness from the incredible sound system?

Substance at Berghain was amazing – we waited for almost two hours to get in but it was worth every minute (Anyway, I like standing in line, it kind of hypes up the whole atmosphere and everybody is happy, once they are in).

Already in the ground floor, before walking up the stairs of Berghain, the walls where shaking. We literally jumped up the steps and minutes later stood right next to the DJ. The crowd was shaking from the soundscapes and booming basslines and especially when compared to Panorama bar’s (Kompakt crew played the typical club sound) ever-so-familiar bom-bom-bom one realized what a revolutionary concept in club music dubstep really is.

Directly, I looked for more dj mixes and found an excellent dark and complex-drummy banger by Scuba, dj and founder of London based label Hotflush recordings via Real Vinylz
Scuba N16 mix:
More downloads from Hotflush.