Was ist das Vorspiel, Berlin?

Vorspiel BerlinI had Yaneq as a protagonist on this blog quite some time and now, after countless Party Artys and Signal festivals he is back with his new baby: Vorspiel. Vorspiel is German and means prelude and foreplay at the same time which is one of the wordplays Yaneq, the lyricist, loves so much.

As much as he likes blending words, he likes to blend cultural styles. He mixes art, music, poetry, party and bar and there we have what he always wanted: The Vorspiel, located at Falkensteinstraße 47 (same house as club 103), open from wednesday to sunday, 18 Р02:00h. At first hand Vorspiel is a gallery that shows contemporary art, from street to comic and even sculptures. At second hand Vorspiel is a place for performances: dance, concerts, films and so on. Plus: These days, all Euro08 games will be shown on a big screen!

A very vibrant place with very urban and vibrant people, always open to ideas and creativity, definitely worth a visit. Here is a short interview with Yaneq by Carpe Berlin and to read more, here is a nice article from Berliner Zeitung about Vorspiel (in German).