What’s missing on the iphone

So, it’s not all gold that’s iPhone and with all the hysteria about this product, many flaws should not be forgotten.- So here is my ultimate list of what’s missing or not good or what actually sucks on the iPhone, even after hacking or unbreaking or simunlocking it with Ziphone. If I should be mistaken or just too stupid to find it, please correct me in the comments.

Downloading files – apparently there is an application for it but so far I can’t make it work.
Why is there no obvious file management?
There’s no flash in Safari browser
The camera can’t record video and until now there’s no application which does it good enough (e.g. with sound)
The camera is not very good for fotos either.
You can’t send calender items
You can’t subscribe to podcasts
You cannot pick a song from your library as ringtone!!
No radio, no dvbt
3,5 mm line-in for headphones only works with the slim apple one. Normal hi-fi line in will be too thick too fit into the slot.
No copy-paste!!
No counting of letters while writing sms, no draft saving for sms, cannot edit sent sms and resend them
No gps, no umts (3g)
Autocompletion of words is far away from T9 level
Where’s the DJ application (pitch and mix..)?!