3 years of Innervisions mix and Ben Mono mix

Innercity 2005 2008In a techno city like Berlin, Innercity, a regular club night held by the Innervisions crew (read about it at taz) used to be the haven of groovy and soulful club music, from old to new, from disco to house. Headed by Dixon with many guests over the years, Innervisions at Week-End was a sure standard in the club scene for elegant party goers.

On Saturday January 19th, Innervisions celebrated their third birthday and at the same time their last party at Week-end. As a thank you, they gave away a free CD to all of the party guests – and it’s brilliant. Starts with very slow and dreamy funk tunes, moving into more minmal housy tunes, featuring I:Cube, Château Flight and Martin Buttrich. (The RA-forum knows where you might get a copy from the net), here is a snippet:

Also very nice in a very similar area nowadays called ‘bit hop’ is my man Ben Mono, who just released a new mixtape: Ben Mono in L.A.
[via kspace and the new worck]