Die Berlinale-Blogger

..bloggen wieder. Der RBB macht aus einem Experiment eine Tradition und lässt junge Leute über ihre Eindrücke vom Filmfest schreiben. Das ist so schön und launig, wie im letzten Jahr und auch in all den anderen Berlinaleblogs geht es wieder rund. Im Festivalblog gibt es Rezensionen en masse, auch Radio 1 bloggt von der Berlinale, Human Touch vom Tagesspiegel beobachtet die Stars, Movielounge.de hat sich ganz auf die Berlinale eingegroovt und das Filmtagebuch ist auch wieder ganz nah dabei.

Frozen Grand Central

Improvised event flash mob art: Some three hundred people just freeze in NYC’s grand central station and leave all the rest puzzled. Imagine: While you are running to catch the train to your next job, or home, to a meeting, to go shopping, to friends, all stressed out, as usual in New York, and suddenly you are surrounded by people, paralyzed like Lot’s wife looking back on Sodom..

Frozen Grand Central from ImprovEverywhere on Vimeo.

Deutschlands erste (blog me) Site (oder BlogMeSite?)

Universal, Yahoo and PANORAMA3000 proudly present Germany’s first BlogMeSite for Jack Johnson. [Disclaimer: I work for P3000 now and we are not really certain about the name, the original developer David from France obviously likes “(blog me) SITE” more, but I am not so sure if that’s a good idea. “BlogMeSite” would be much better in terms of search engine findability, and the domain obviously is blogmesite.com as well. What do you think? “BlogMeSite” oder “(blog me) SITE”?]

Anyway, the thing, whatever you want to call it, is a blast. You can put in whatever you want and you can put it wherever you want. It’s a microsite widget which consists of a bunch of flash content with audio, video, news (via RSS even), dates and newsletter box. The cool thing is the blogme-Code: Copy the code to your blog or whatever social network profile, there’s even a Facebook application for it. And it get’s even easier: MySpace users e.g. just type in their login data and can post it to any section of their profile with a simple click. BlogMeSites are going to be huge, I am sure, because thery are the überwidgets. But what am I telling you: Just try it out!