Hobnox Evolution: In search for creative talents

Hobnox is a new platform for creative people. Sounds simple? Yes, it kind of is. Hobnox wants to find talents on the net and help them to grow. And Hobnox wants to entertain. They have fantastic shows on their three channels Sly-Fi (I blogged about their coverage of the Melt-concerts here and here), 99stories which is all about movies and Str33t which is about street culture.

It’s fascinating, once I dive into this universe of shows I at least spend half an hour watching “11 Freunde magazine” or the very classy movie mag “Oh Gosh“. To kick off their efforts Hobnox organizes a contest called “Evolution” – until the end of January people can upload their creative projects in the categories music, film and street. So far, cool stuff has been uploaded but there’s still a lot to gain. After a voting a jury (e.g. with Moneybrother or Intro editor Linus Volkmann) will pick a winner in each category who will then get a package worth of 25000€ in project funding (like studio or postproduction costs etc.). Here is a recent video of some ionteresting projetcs so far, actually, I really like Pete Blume, kind of remind of Madsen a little..

And here is a video of a secret Jahcuzi concert at a Boombx event!