Art fairs in Berlin

“Alles Paletti” by Tiny Domingos, Scotty Enterprise at KunstsalonThis weekend, a massive crowd of art people invaded Berlin and you could play games, like who spots the most art items: “O, oh, art glasses, art glasses!” “Art scarf”, “Art hair!!”. It’s the beginning of Berliner Kunstherbst and the overground raises its head even higher than the emerging underground.

Today and tomorrow will be the best days to look for interesting objects, it’s the last days of the fairs and hopefully it will not be as crowded as it was the last days.

The biggest and most prestigious event is the Art Forum Berlin of course. Expect prices up to several hundred thousand € for living contemporary artists like Bisky and such.

But as usual for this kind of big events, the “off-shows” that organize like parasites around a major platform are much more exciting and, since all of this event is about the money making with art, also promise a better return on investment – the artists are simply not as famous yet. If you really want to catch the big stars of tomorrow be sure not to miss Preview Berlin, Berliner Liste and most importantly the Berliner Kunstsalon which takes place in an ex tramway repairing facility.