One weekend in Hamburg

This last weekend I was in Hamburg, attending the big socialdemocratic party summit (Bundesparteitag) that gathered several thousand people to redefine social democratic politics and elect their representers like Kurt Beck, party leader and often said to be a provincial teddy but who proved to have the strength to lead the party on the path towards the next elections.

I liked the atmosphere and the political discussions and met many interesting people. I also quite liked most of the programmatic decisions like a general basic school with ten obligatory classes for all or trying to ban rightwing extremist party NPD. Strange enough in the big media the idea of a general speed limit of 130 kmh had the biggest echo, a very banal decision I don’t care about at all. Well, it’s the auto-country here.

My job was to present and promote the new political community for the social democrats: We (A&B FACE2NET and the SPD) have been working on that platform for quite some time so it was like attending the birth of a child, very anxious about how it would see its first light. And the reactions were amazing. Of course, there are many things to improve, but in general, the people loved their new community were they can connect to other party members and people interested in social democratic politics, upload fotos, discuss in forums, build groups and blog. In the course of the three days there were about 3000 registrations. Simply amazing.