Quantum theory, system theory and a really good album

Schrödingers Katze by Reinhard WannerSchrödingers Cat, installation by Reinhard WannerThese three have something in common: It’s the promise for something big that’s hiding behind it. When I heard Radioheads “OK Computer” for the first time or Notwists “Shrink”, I knew it were great pieces of music I am just not able to understand yet. I listened to them again and again and slowly they unfolded their magic just like I expected.

With system theory it happened to me in a similar way. The first time I heard about the idea of seeing society as a communicative system that consists of communication and nothing else I was fascinated yet unable to grasp only ten percent of what it really means as a consequence. Now, I even read books understanding that their authors criticize system theory without having understood them.

As for quantum theory I am still struggling – what about these strange states and probabilities little quantums are in? Being waves and particles at the same time? And what about Schrödinger’s cat who is dead AND alive at the same time? I know there is something big waiting for me, I just need to be patient to understand.

In the meantime I listen to Stars new album “In Our Bedroom After The War” (order on itunes) because it’s really great and look forward to Chikinki‘s new album “Brace Brace” which will be out on Weekender records in November. Singer Rupert’S voice still sounds pretty whiny but very charismatic and the whole Chikinki-experience has become much bigger and broader. Check out “Oh my God” from the new album: