La caseta: Hottest place in Barcelona this summer

La casetaIf one bar in Barcelona has made an impressive career this year it must have been “La Caseta del Migdia“. Even without being in Barcelona, you could hear the talk about it all over Europe. Also Bread and Butter had the final celebration in that amazing place on Montjuic. Situated on the south corner of the Montjuic Castell, you have a great view over the harbour on one side and over the city to the other. It is open air, they serve fine food and good drinks and DJs spin chilly rare grooves while you contemplate the Mediterranean.

You can get there, taking the 55 bus and walk upwards to the castle, In summer, on weekend evenings it used to be open until 2am, now I assume they close a little earlier. Here is another little article about La Caseta del Migdia