Cotumo in the mix – Maedchentechno II

CotumoJust flew in via Myspace, here’s a new mix by Berlin based DJ Cotumo, I very much dig. It’s fluffy, a little trippy and percussive but not too much of one thing. I guess you can call it Minimal..

Hi bio says: “Inspired by artists like Matthew Herbert, Akufen and Metro Area, Johannes began thinking about sharing his music through playing in Clubs. Nowadays Cotumo plays at Netlag, Pulsar, Pentagonik, Klangsucht, Süss&Sauer partys and at a variety of festivals and clubs in and around Berlin. After playing in London in 2006 he is aiming to Wales, Turin and Zuerich. He is also organizing his own party series ‘Club der Dilettanten’ with his cousin, known as µ~, where 15 DJs play 5 of their most loved records.”

Here we go: Cotumo Maedchentechno II: