Brandnew logos

Brand new example picExample picture taken from the Brandnew-blog

The “before – after” effect is not only curious and interesting for plastic surgery but also for corporate design. Questions and answers about what has changed, why and how, give not only experts a good background but also provide the enthusiastic design amateur with useful insights about the use of colors and forms and what effect they might have on the public image of an organization.

Brandnew is a new and well done blog about just this subject by UnderConsideration, a network of web savvy designers, founded by the Mexicans Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit who reside in Brooklyn, NYC now and with many contributors from the US and Canada.

Plus, they have these cute little chicks as their logo and heraldic animal..

UnderConstruction Chicken

[via ich.mir.mich]