How was Berlin festival and what’s going on this weekend?

I was a bit unlucky on Berlin festival, cause I had a little accident with my bike (looking forward to having the scars) and thus missed the best parts of the festival: friday night at Tape and saturday afternoon with Go!team, Peaches and Uffie. Friday afternoon and saturday night, while I attended, seemed to be a constant going away from some place rather than a coming to. And the shows I saw where pretty poor, Shitdisco, Midlake, even Tocotronic. But maybe I am a little over-festivaled, next weekend I’ll be in Budapest to see Sziget, let’s see how that works out. There are many videos on the Berlin festival on Youtube, unfortunately I did not see THAT killervideo I had to post here. Still, nice festival, lots of interesting people and overall a friendly new-ravy atmosphere. Sorry it took me so long to write about – it’s because of the fingers (blogging can be so self-referential).

Enough of the past – here’s the future. If you want to go to festivals this weekend, you might want to check these out: Schwedenparty, which takes place on an island in Sweden, very peaceful, deserted and nice (but clean up after yourselfes!) and the Goldmund festival. All electronic and with special hedonistic underground Berlin feel.

Moreover there are some good parties in Berlin, like today at Freakmode at ZMF with some Cologne funky-minimal experts like Marc Lansley (download Marc Lansley’s latest and really exquisit mix here – it’s funky, it’s deep, it’s melodic, it’s something you want to hear a second time).

While that’s it for today (friday) tomorrow, saturday, there’s a lot going on. Like the Mittekill festival (for free) at Eschloraque, the last corner of independent and punky culture close to Hackescher Markt, starts at 14h! Also, there’s “Liebe ist Cool”s birthday party in a very cool location in Friedrichshain