London, Fabric

Fabric LondonGoing out in London is a special thing. More special than in Berlin where going out is something casual, normal and cheap, while in London it’s a celebration. Berlin is great because everybody is just hanging out, having a chilled time, with no stress at all. Can be a little dull because of that too . If you reach a certain limit there is no further, it seems.

London is speed, business, danger, money. And when people go out there, they let loose and forget about their shitty service or administration jobs, they don’t care about the money, they just want to have a good time.

Fabric LondonFabric is a perfect place for that. We went there last friday, it was already 2am or so and there were three different lines to stand in. Some pretty wasted people around us, getting into trouble, some guy rapping about his ’44 (caliber? I had no idea..), and suddenly it opens up and everybody rushes in. Inside: Massive drumnbass, an interior architecture you couldn’t figure out really, lots of stairs and different rooms, three dancefloors and overall an amazing sound. Crystalclear, fat and crisp, it wasn’t even too loud but just overwhelming. Sad enough, Fabric closes about half past 5, I would have liked to dance longer.

Millenium BridgeBut walking around in the morning light on the Millenium bridge was a pleasure, too.. Ever since I listen to Drum’n’Bass again and there are some brilliant sources on the internet, like or

Here, I picked out one DJ Hype mix from Kiss 100, especially the first tune is absolutely mindblowing:
DJ Hype for Kiss 100