Two mixes for my current mood

Yes! It’s done, next to me lies a big book and I can’t believe I have written it. Last night, at 2am, my laptop took his last breath and stopped to cooperate with the power supply. I knew I had only a limited time left to finish the thesis and I saw the display going like “you have 40 minutes left” – “you have 20 minutes left” – “you have 10 minutes left”. I had never typed that fast. The laptop turned off one second after copying the latest version on a memory stick. Phew..

Thank you so much everybody who helped me and supported me (thx for the comments!), especially Nici, Chrissie, Pit, Max and Jana! You are great!!

So, here are two mixes to support my current mood, both come Kitsuné, the übercool French disco house new rave pop label. One is the promo mix for the new Digitalism album and the other is a mix from the new Kitsune collection Masion Kitsuné 4.

Digitalism Promo mix:(this is more like: F**ing YEAH! ITS OVER!! BANG YOUR HEAD!!!

Kitsuné Maison 4 Promo mix:(this ones more like: Cool. Now I can sit in the sun and have a coffee. Easy.)

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