Semana Santa in Tarifa

Tarifa Semana SantaThe road trip was awesome. We went down all of Spain’s Meditarranean coast – from Barcelona to Tarifa. Climbing, looking at impressive sites like the Alhambra in Granada, passing Almería and Cordoba, staying in comfortable surfer’s huts in Tarifa, going over to Tanger, Marcocco, partying in Marbella and climbing in Torrembada again. All over: perfect days with lots of unexpected encounters, pleasent and unpleasent surprises (people we don’t even know let us sleep in their apartment – the motor of the rented car breaks down 11pm on the motorway..) and many images that will stick in my mind. Enjoy some of the pictures that tell a little part of the story or watch even more pictures on Flickr!
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