This friday: Berlin2NYC

Berlin2NYC FlyerBerlin and New York have a lot of things in common. Maybe Berlin is not as big and rich as NYC but it can be as cruel and cold. And as creative!

Find out about other differences and similarities on this friday at Avastar, Nostitzstr. 12 in Kreuzberg.

There will be the European premiere of two mindblowing documentaries about the hazardous life of bike messengers, “Messenger” by Daniel Lieb and “Pedal” by Peter Sutherland. You can watch the trailers on the Berlin2NYC Myspace-site!

Two photographers will present their work, Therese Laub (Denmark) shows urban scenes from the bicyle’s viewpoint and Slomo is one of the most infamous party photographers I have ever met. Expect some pretty wild scenes from Berlin and NY parties on the wall..

Last but not least, Slomo aka CockoftheRock (what a name, it sure sticks to your head..), the party’s organizer Murongue and me will be spinning some records, trying to musically cross the bridge between Berlin and New York. Here’s a special Berlin2NYC snippet mix I made. Come to the party if you wanna hear some more!

Download Stylewalkers Berlin2NYC mix

Finally, it’s Murongue’s goodbye, he is going to.. guess.. New York! So, let’s give hime all a good shot of energy, he’ll need it over there!