Top 100 Indie Albums in 2006

Top 100 Indie albums 2006I took part in an ambitious campaign done by the Italian bloggers who run the musicblog (formerly known as indiefordummies but they couldn’t have this name anymore for some kind of copyright issue..): They wrote to hundreds of music bloggers, many replied to create another 2006 top 100 list: the best indie albums. And actually, it is a pretty impressive list, from indie rock to electronica to hip hop: Many great albums are featured with, if available, links to mp3s. Have a look, until today No. 100 to 26 are published, the rest follows in the upcoming days:

Top 100 Indie Albums from 50 to 26
Top 100 Indie Albums from 75 to 51
Top 100 Indie Albums from 100 to 76