After the rain

Nach dem RegenDry heat. Eight people meet, smoking on top of the roof of their firm. Escaping their cruel world as corporate slaves? Hurting each other to compensate their grim everyday life?

Find out: Catalan playwright and wunderkind Sergi Bebel is the author of this modern piece of theatre you should ge see. Besides, you can admire some uprising acting stars!

Fritz Kirchhoff school‘s graduating class performs “Nach dem Regen” four times:
10th, 11th, 24th and 25th of september, Glogauerstr. 6, 2. Hof, 5. Etage. 20:30h.

This is a new style

It’s just an experiment, tell me what you think! I think this theme is pretty stylish, although, I know, looks a lot like A list apart, which is awesome as well. So, what do you think: Is it worth putting in some effort to stylewalkerize this theme?
Make the picture embedding look better, do something about the header image, maybe use the third column for more fotos or widgets?..
I really need something new, I like my old style a lot, but things need to change.

T-Com Sound Placement in “Devil wears Prada”

I’m pretty sure that the T-Mobile brand managers celebrated their scoop to place T-Com’s corporate sound into the stylish fashion movie “The devil wears Prada“. Everytime protagonist Andrea’s phone rings you can hear their insistent “tüdelüdelü”. Hands down, good job!
But: The phone slowly becomes the symbol of Andrea always being at her boss’ command, under pressure, a servant in this overwound fashion world. The sound makes her boyfriend sigh, her father frown, it’s pure stress, it’s irritating, waking you up in the morning, preventing you from sleep at night.. I don’t know if that message is the one the said brand managers thought about. Maybe the scoop actually was pretty stupid.