MyMy DJ Mix

I am posting many DJ mixes here, at least one per week. I like listening to them, it’s always an update for recent clubmusic and makes you whistle the synth-melodies on the dancefloor. But I needed to wait long for a mix that makes me so hypnotized, euphoric and excited.

If you ever thought housemusic was in danger, in between boring, uninspired, dull rhythms and ideas and the big commercial Ibiza monster, you can understand when Kerry Chandler says: “I see you’re lost.. lost in the oblivion.. trying to follow the trends.. believing in your own hype..”. But relax, because here are the people who are going to heal house music. And their name is: MyMy.


They are three guys from Berlin: Lee Jones, Carsten Klemann and Nick Höppner. They have a regular night at Watergate but play a lot around Europe as well. Recently they released an LP on Playhouse which has been widely credited as well.

This mix is also taken from the Resident Advisor Podcast and friendly as they are they posted the tracklist in the forum. I was pointed to it by a comment from _tom_!. Thank you!

The picture is taken from MyMy on Myspace. I now where it was taken, in Weinbergspark, not only 500m away from where I live!
Oh, and of course Kerry Chandler who I cited above is in that mix, too, it’s the second last track.