Testing out Nintendo’s Wii

Wii BerlinBig words, but why not, I think this is a real revolution for video gaming. Nintendo Wii uses a totally new controlling concept: no buttons and cursors, the machine tracks the movements in space! Sounds complicated? Here’s an example: Play golf not by pressing buttons but by moving the controller as if you had a golf club in your hand. Same goes for bowling, boxing, tennis or the popular game Zelda.

I had the chance to test this new product because I was invited to the Berlin based Wii-Crib, a lounge with sofas, big tvs and two Wii stations. Although I have never been much of a gamer I was fascinated by this. I recorded some movies myself but they are of crappy quality so I use the generously provided corporate material by Nintendo below. Trnd has a video from the Berlin Wii crib (in German) as well.

GameI actually do have some invitations for this Berlin crib and here’s the way to get them: There is another futuristic Nintendo video game which was released in 1995. It is displayed in the picture beside, who finds out what the name is, wins an invitation to the Berlin crib! So, write me an email with your answer!