Ebony Cuts – highest quality in old funk, soul and disco

This is a magic site. It is a world to explore. A world of love for vinyl and old treasures. Storing them, playing it to people and keeping the culture alive. Parties with this music always have a nice feel: well dressed people, smooth moves, drinks and a steadily rising temperature.

Alone the intro to every ebony cuts edition is a must hear. What follows are pearls of soulful, danceable music, fondly blended, in a caring way. Ebony Cuts is one of the best sites to preserve the best of black music and: especially the late seventies disco. With many beautiful seventies disco cover artwork..

Check out the recent november mix!
And here are all the other shows, Ebony Cuts also features guests like Discopatrick or DJ Friction.

CuebismThe people behind this site are Cuebism and Gloria. Cuebism is a DJ, producer and remixer who is connected to the fine artist network Metronomic Family. At the moment he lives in Stockholm, plays at many clubs in Germany, yet not in Berlin. I think that should change!
I could not really find out who Gloria is, I’d say a person with a good taste in music at least.

For another site about old original vinyl soul classics that make you dance check original Berlin crate digger, Mark aka King Dynamite who runs the Soulexplosion parties (check his top 5!)