Going out this weekend in Berlin

So, here are some Stylewalker-selected hints of what’s going on this weekend in Berlin.


Miss Glitter promotes the Box+Bar at the DT in Schumannstr 13a. Grime, Uk Garage, Dubstep, D’n‘B by dj G-Serve, DJ Christine Lang & MC Quio live in a highly cultural atmosphere. (She also promotes a secret party on Saturday, visit her blog to find out!)

Also: Polarkreis18 and the Dears at Mudd Club, Große Hamburgerstr 17.

and: DJ Shir Khan and Puppetmastaz at Maria&Josef, Junior Boys at White Trash.


ZMF says goodbye to councilwomen Dubrau who made their life difficult in the past. Party at Möbelfabrik, Brunnenstr.

It’s f** cold, party on a boat?! Yes, say “Wir sind Park”-makers Susi, Sabine and Dorian:
Erik Panzer | barfuss!Kook | KlangsuchtMary Jane | LangspielplattengemeinschaftRay Okpara | Pentagonik/Klangsucht22rockets | 4augenvoegeln at Hochseedampfer “Freibeuter” auf dem Rummelsburger, Kynaststrasse 13-17. Crazy.

and of course, the good old Patrick Gräser at Week-End..