Plans 2.1

Wow, so many plans and no time to realize it all. So, note to self: Do it, lazy boy!

  • 1st: Integrate tags into stylewalker – I have enough content now to tag it more thoroughly and it would be cool to let people participate – suggest tags and if I like them they will be part of the categorization. Does anyone know a good WP-plugin?
  • Start a blog about organizational identity and weblogs. I am writing my master thesis and should export some wisdom to the net.
  • Buy a DJ! A friend is coming from Barcelona, Marco Delvai, you can book him for little money and big fun! Expect more information later.
  • A guide to MySpace – people keep asking me what to do there and I should write down all the things I tell each one of them.

And: A great mix at Miss Glitter – Bastard Cutz on bastard rec.

Comments about the propositions are open and welcome. Say something!