That would have been a pity

People who know me will not be surprised by this: I almost lost my flight from Berlin to Riga. In the end, it really was a matter of seconds.

I wanted to take the airport express from Alexanderplatz, but it was not on the display, it was cancelled due to an accident, I found out. So I had to take the S-Bahn which left later and takes much longer to Schönefeld. 7:50 was the scheduled take-off and I arrived at 7:35!

Thank god I had the boarding pass from Easyjet already printed out and thank god they let me take my two big bags into the cabin. Looking back, I realize what a shame it would have been not to go to Riga..

Stay tuned for the two missing videos: The open air houseparty in the harbour and the videointerview with Polarkreis 18, I am currently editing it!