Going out to Casablanca

Riga Nightclub CasablancaFoto by Tim Protlove“Naktsklub” is Latvian for nightclub and does not necessarily have to do anything with “naked”. After a night in Riga’s old town, one cannot be so sure about that anymore. Red lights wherever you go, girls in the street, strange men trying to drag you into shady grottos.

We couldn’t care less and went to “Casablanca”, a nightclub which deserves its name. And it’s not less sexy than any Rolexxx or Orion, on the contrary! People dance tight, carry each other around, hug and kiss and have a good sexy time. Together with nice funky music blended with some hits a good recipe for a night out in Riga.

Riga Svetki festivalTonight, there’s a houseparty organized by the city festival. The headliner are Stressless project from Portugal, some progressive house Djs and apparently whole Riga’s youth is going. So am I.