Riga-Hostel: A place like a shared flat

Riga HostelIn the background the coffee machine makes cosy noises, somebody is watching tv, I have a Latvian dark beer sizzling right next to my laptop, a guy is reading, the Japanese girl writes postcards. Riga-Hostel is like a shared flat, has a big kitchen, a big fridge where people put things and I just fried some delicious salmon. I am staying in a dorm with 12 people, all very nice so far. I will try to do an interview with the owner later. His name is Juan, he is Spanish, so half of the people here are from Spain, especially from Barcelona, isn’t that nice.

Rowing boatsRiga is beautiful, charming, calm, friendly and its inhabitants are helpful and literate in many languages. The old town is lively and I found a nice bakery to hang out. I even rented a boat and rowed on the little river for a while. Perfect day. And yet to come: This weekend, Riga celebrates itself with a big festival, the Svetki festival. Houseparties in the harbour, classical concerts in the park, all for free.

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