Sepalot and Blumentopf

A great album I kind of missed last year was DJ Sepalots “Fraud”. Sepalot is the DJ of Blumentopf, one of the most intelligent German rap groups. Sepalot has a deep love for funk and soul, he is a respected party DJ and the album blends together all sorts of funk, hiphop, turntablelism and catchy melodies.

My favourite is “What’s next to the moon” which you can download at Sepalot’s MySpace-Site.

Or check his remix for AMOS “I can’t stop my feet:

In september Blumentopf will release his new record “Musikmaschine”, here’s a little promotrack. Great stuff:

If you like this kind (Clueso would also be a reference) of music you should definetely check out “Fairfax”, a rapper from the south of Germany with sharp thoughts and precise flow, e.g. his song “Jungs”