Playlist Generator and Dixon playlist

By vinyls at record stores!Photo by eanousa@FlickrDJ-Playlists are the currency of attention in the dance scene. People listen to the music in the club and in mixes, e.g. here, they read the titles and labels in magazines, emails and on websites. What scientists do with citations is the DJ-playlist in electronic music.

And it’s all there, there’s tons of playlists and charts on the internet and you can listen to many songs as snippets on Juno or the sites of the labels.

So, theoretically, you could put that together automatically, creating playlists with the corresponding links to the soundfiles, “playing playlists” so to say.

Dear coders, go ahead, I know it is difficult, every playlist is in different formats and finding the mp3-links is even more difficult (crossing different search engines e.g.).

I tried to do it manually once and now I am trying it again. It is now 22:36 and I let you know how much it took. But before: Enjoy Dixons playing playlist for his set for Anja Schneider on Radio Fritz.

Argy / La Pasion / Poker Flat
Tom Clark / Meteor Im Eis / Highgrade
Peter Dildo / Curley Blonde – Agnes Mix / Track Down Records
Tadeo / Tercer Rojo / Cyclical Tracks
Troy Pierce / The Day After Yesterday / Items & Things (not found)
Isolee / Blue – Dixon Edit / Playhouse (again: not found, really)

That took me about 25 minutes. It’s difficult to know when to stop searching.

Anyway, not every playlist is worth to be a “playing playlist”. When I read these titles, I do not want to know the music.