Berlin’s coolest open air location

Picture by Republish.orgWow, check this out! Plastic tanks, illuminated in different colors, moving in synch with the music, a bar, a dj booth, no roof, right by the river.
That’s Kubik, Köpenickerstr 36, a project by architects and club makers, Suzi Wong played there last saturday (when I worked at Melt!), finally yesterday I enjoyed Kubik with “Breakbeat City”. The architects are Modulorbeat and here’s a cool movie of the project.

Tonight, maybe I’ll be there, but probably I’ll go to one of those unofficial parties in the park (Volkshain Friedrichshain).

Anyway, as long as I can listen to such cool music as this dubby, funky, minimal, fat and dreamy tech house set by Matthias Tanzmann which he did for Sonar 2006 at Marbella Beach in Barcelona, it’s just fine.
Hosted by 26th century. People: Let the party begin.
Downloadlink: Matthias Tanzmann Sonar 2006 Marbella Beach Session