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Marco Delvai in the mix | Stylewalker

Marco Delvai in the mix

Marco DelvaiFoto from Wasabi-BlogMarco Delvai aka Markus Blauenberg is a DJ from Barcelona and why he took this funny German name is a story he has yet to tell me..

I am proud to present two of his mixes, he manages to combine the Barcelonian hedonism and the Berlin minimal sawtooth attacks. Very hypnotic, very danceable, very pushy, very cool. With his partner Jordi he forms “Wasabi experience“, they play in clubs like Lekasbah or City Hall and at the beach, of course.

Apparently, the last weeks have been full of experiences, Sonar, Sant Jordi, hot Spanish summers, who knows Barcelona, knows what I am talking about. So enjoy the first mix, produced before Sonar, which is a little more laid back, even shy and the second one, straight-forward, even a little distorted and much more adventorous.

Mix 1 (may 2006):

Mix 2 (july 2006) “The Key to Our Soul”

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