A time to look back

10 000! I am blogging since february 2005, counting my visits since last september and now I have had 10 000 visits! A good moment to do some identity work and look back to an exciting time on the internet. It’s a lot of effort, but lots of fun, always something to talk about and source for some interesting cognitions. Thank you all, approx. 50 people come by daily, which is a really good number for a small blogger, many comment (although I wish, more did..) and Stylewalker is still growing!

Still, I write what I like to talk about and I take my motto seriously: Music, Lifestyle, Science. This is what you are going to find here, lot’s of club documentation, some nice ideas in the field of communication and design, travel diaries and many links to great music.

I even got recruited to wite about music for another blog which is musik.germanblogs.de.

The by far most popular story here was “babba sven” and his dance with Richie Hawtin. 80 000 people watched the video and 50 (on this page and youtube) commented.

Also very popular is the cobra snake, Stylewalker the DJ, Suzi Wong, Steve Bug, the soccer game, Guido Argentini and .. filmmarketing. I get many hits on my Hausarbeit: “Das Internet als Filmmarketing-Tool”. Content is king.