Best place to watch the worldcup – Kiki?

A bizarre email exchange in my peer group (talk about ad hoc organization..) has been going on about where to watch Gemanny’s second, and most important, game of the group stage against Poland.

Seems like it is going to be Kiki, an outside bar close to river spree. Is it worth it? Tell you later with some pics!
As for now, I have been to the following venues:

Nicos livingroom (excellent)
Pfefferberg (big, nice people, good vibe, but small screen, not loud enough)
Mittefeld (small, very nice people, best sausage, a little airless)
Fanmeile (masses, many, many, many people from different countries, too anonymous, still entertaining for a moment)
Alte Mongolische Botschaft (huge garden to play soccer!! but small tv screen, great people)
My flat (cheap drinks, but crappy dvb-t signal)