World cup stuff – I’m a Berlinizer!

I am exited. Today finally is the world cup kick off, world cup mania in Germany, a unique experience. Especially in Berlin, we expect many, many people, hopefully a lot of sun and we want to be hospital and helpful and just have a good time all together.

“Berlinizers” is a campaign to make Berlin citizens visisible that are willing to help guests get along in our city. Make a short test on and they’ll give you a pin to display you are a Berlinizer. I just got one in Spanish! And I liked the Berlinizer song by Culcha Candela so much, it’s now even my ringtone.


Check out my tips (in German) for all the football in the club events during the worldcup in Berlin, featuring WM Lounge, Polarpark, Lido, Pop Kick and many more.

You see. I am really excited..