Weekend Madness with Steve Bug

Weekend Berlin 02 The Weekend is one of the most famous clubs in Berlin. Situated in the 12th floor of a skyscraper, it has not only one of the most impressive locations but also one of the best bookings. Techhouse, Minimal, funky, bleepy, souly, from Jazzanova to Tiefschwarz, from Turntable Rockers to M.A.N.D.Y, Dirt Crew, Booka Shade.. they invite popular DJs with taste. To watch pictures and a movie

And then there’s the people. Hedonistic, sometimes arrogant, beautiful and bitchy, superficial until the 6th vodka bangs in, dirty dancers and cool observers. Definitely special. The 60 year more than 70 year old woman who takes care of the bathrooms could certainly tell some interesting stories.

Weekend Berlin 03But, like in most clubs: The differences between the people shade away with the process of the evening. And, especially in Week-end, the early hours are the best. The sun rises and sheds its light trough all the room which has big windows on three sides. People keep dancing and welcome the morning. DJs play their best records. The bar people give away quick drinks.

Last saturday, the Pokerflat posse had their big appearance. Steve Bug, Clé, Martin Landsky – names that have been present within the last ten years of club music. Heroes. Brilliant Djs. And really nice people, Clé has many nice laughing wrinkels, e.g..

Enough for the words, watch this little movie in dirty quality (sorry, I just had my phone!) and some pictures of a grand evening.

Weekend Berlin 01 Weekend Berlin 04

Weekend Berlin 05