DJ Patrique in the mix!

I talked about that before, and finally I have it: A brand new shiny mix by DJ Patrique. It’s minimal, it’s funky, it’s soulful, it grooves.

You start listening and might think, “well, this is nice summer house music..” but wait until it starts hypnotically screwing its sawtooth synths into your ear. Hands up on the dancefloor guaranteed.

With selected records by, amongst others: Audiomontage (Freerange), Steve Bug (Pokerflat), Samim&Michal (Freizeitglauben), Phage (Highgrade 31): Contemporary Berlin house music, just the style I love.

DJ Patrique plays in different clubs in and around Berlin. He is playing records for ten years. He is part of the Stylewalker-artists.


News from Barcelona

I know, the image in the head of my page still shows Barcelona although it has been three weeks that I am back in Berlin. But it is so beautiful! and I do not want to replace it with crappy, dirty, rainy, cold Berlin. Not yet, anyway.

Also: still is your preferred source for news from Barcelona! And here’s two: Sonar announced their program for 2006 and Bread and Butter is hiring! Continue reading

Techno is alife

Landsky P3P..with Martin Landsky in Brussels. Watch a video packed with clubfeeling. Deep, sexy, sweaty music and party impressions from P3P-club in Brussels.

The P3P-people have more movies and music on their, in my opinion, brilliantly designed page. It’s clean, it works, it’s stylish, it’s all there.

We need more club documentations! If you see any, tell me!

To see more pictures, click Continue reading

What to expect on

“I should write more”, I am telling myself from time to time. Because I like to see my little magazine grow. Moreover, my statistics and the comments show me that over the time there’s more and more people who peek into every now and then. Cool! So to motivate myself and give a non-reliable outlook what is going to deal with in the future, here are some upcoming subjects:
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