Pro Loveradio

LoveradioThe best loveparade-event, the Loveradio organized by the public radio station Fritz, might not take place this year. People have started a pro-loveradio-campaign, Stylewalker supports their approach emphatically.

Please tell people about it, write a mail to Fritz-radio and sign the post at Berlin Stadtkind!

Whereever I talked to people about Berlin, almost everybody knew about the massive techno parade that used to attract hundreds of thousands of people: the Loveparade.

After a steady decline in quality and constant trouble in between the organizers, the parade did not take place the last two years. Nobody in the Berlin party community felt really sorry for it, still, worldwide, the loveparade is a unique brand and a strong symbol for Berlin’s underground techno culture.

So, this year, the loveparade will be organized again, by a different team, mainly financed by a succesful gym chain. Which is not necessarily bad. The thought, the loveparade might not be a giant carneval this time is illusionary, although the organizer try to make the people participate in a complicated voting system: You can register and vote for a club who gets to play on one of the “floats” (trucks with PA). In the end a jury decides anyway.

The best event during the loveparade weekend always used to be the Loveradio, organized by Anja Schneider a DJ who also runs a weekly show on Fritz: A 48h party marathon with almost 100 great Djs broadcasted live from a café in the park Friedrichshain. To consider the quality just check the DJ line-up.

The loveradio did not only keep my company during a hole weekend, always putting me into a strange kind of party mood but has always been a nice event with great people out in the park. Please Fritz, do not let it die!