Clubdocumentation reloaded

Recently, I uttered the public wish for more clubdocumentation in my Landski-in-Brussels-post. Now, I found some nice stuff from Berlin. Party makers Soulkombinat have nice Fotos in Flickr and Photophunk have many, many pictures of Berlin clubnights, as well as Max aka Sxw. Probably those you have been to, too..

It’s not video though, but considering all the unwatchable rave-club-stuff on You Tube (blurry pictures, distorted sound to the max, etc.), I have to admit that it is damn hard 1.) to get some good footage out of dirty, dark and noisy clubs and 2.) to edit a good video.

Especially, taking in consideration that most of the club protagonists normally are too exhausted from partying, anyway..