Suzi Wongs Housegrooves

Suzi Wong at ZMFPhotocredit: marco.microbi @ Photophunk.comYou might have noticed: Suzi Wong is one of my favourite DJs. I just like to go to parties where she’s playing and she always makes me dance. (if you come here by her site, enjoy this article and mix and then take a look at this blog’s homepage)

She has been spinning records for many, many years and over the time developed her outstanding taste for the kick on the dancefloor, the forgotten and upcoming classics, the unminimal drumloop and the subversive pop moments in techno music. is proud to present an exclusive mix you won’t find anywhere else!

“Suzi Wongs housegrooves” transports exactly that kind of driving groove Suzi is serving the dance floor. With sweaty, techy vocoder voices, weird samples, elektro-synths and house piano chords, it all winds upt to a melange of classic tech-house records and recent, percussive tunes. Needless to say that her djing techniques are always worth for some DJ spotters to learn: How she blends the records to those irresistible sets that make the people go nuts.

She also runs a radio show, Coke DJ culture, and does not only get all the hot promos but also the finest guests: From Juan Atkins to Coldcut to DJ Premier – a broad variety of artists have been there that represent the openmindedness of her show and her being a DJ.

Check her website for cool stuff and and party dates.

She just started her own party-series: Razzia! in a very cool club called West-Berlin.

Their first party was last friday and you better be at the next until it’s not underground anymore!