Easter Ball

I just went to play basketball.


I lost anyway.

Must have been because of the wet surface.

Or maybe I made the rules too complicated.

I have always been good in entertaining myself alone. Stylewalker.net is the best example.. So while drawing on the school tables I came up with some good rules for a lonely basketball game.

There are 7 positions, all circlewise around the free throw zone. Start at the point closest to the off-line. If you hit the basket go to the next position. The fourth position is the free throw line. The last position is the off-line opposite to the first position. If you score from each position, you win. Got it?

If you don’t hit from your current position you have 5 chances to hit 2 lay-ups. If you got that you get a second chance on your current position. If you fail with the lay-ups you have to start all over again which can be quite painful if you just had laboriously worked yourself forward to the fifth or sixth position.

How can you lose on that?!