Movies and music

One of my favourite German blogs, Spreeblick, had some great links these days:
First, I found this extremely intelligent and entertaining movie: Callcenter.

Then, I stumbled across the videoplatform Dailymotion, which works much like Youtube but seems to have much more music material. The video I posted further down, is from there, too.

And today, they wrote about the french version of DJ Shadow, “Wax Tailor” and the great song: “Que sera”

So, talking about french downbeat and hip hop music: Watch the great video clip by France’s most significant hiphop crew IAM from Marseille. I wished people would have listened a little better to what they had to say about young urban life in France.

Nobody can say you had not see this coming: What happened there last winter, when cars in the suburbs were burning and politicians seemed to be speechless adressing the lack of perspectives for young people from immigrant families, was depicted not only in the hiphop music videos but also in one of my favourite movies: “La Haine“.

“La haine” is from 1995, “Demain c’est loin” (Tomorrow is far) is from 1997. So, politicians, just listen! It is all there.
Find the lyrics here.

Iam – Demain C’est Loin (Clip)
Video sent by stup