What to expect on stylewalker.net

“I should write more”, I am telling myself from time to time. Because I like to see my little magazine grow. Moreover, my statistics and the comments show me that over the time there’s more and more people who peek into stylewalker.net every now and then. Cool! So to motivate myself and give a non-reliable outlook what stylewalker.net is going to deal with in the future, here are some upcoming subjects:

I have a mp3-Snippet of Albert Marcos, an upcoming catalan techno artists, with great dense and driving music. He is coming to Berlin and I definitely need to introduce him to some people here. I will post his music tonight!

DJ Patrique
also ows me 30 minutes of his mixing skills. Still waiting for that. But I will not stop pushing him until we have it!

April 13th we will see a very special party: Many friends are going to perform at Party Arty in Lovelite: Yaneq, Suzie Wong, Shir Khan. And my lovely Spanish girl is going to be there, to flirt with Al Haca. We are definetely going to talk about that!

And then, of course, there’s science.. I am starting to dig deep into theories on Organizational Identity and weblogs and sometimes may be posting something about that here – if only to do justice to my claim: Music, Lifestyle, Science..
If you are really interested in the subject, you might be interested in my del.icio.us linkcollection on http://del.icio.us/stylewalker.

Any ideas what to write about? Secret investigation objects in Berlin? Preferred interview partners?