New York No Signs

Quiet ZoneNew York, they say, is one of the most liberal cities in the United States. Still, a lot of stuff is not allowed, either because the city’s administration introduced laws and reglementation (e.g. no smoking inside public buildings, no dancing without a proper license, etc) or because a lot of places are privately owned and the propietor does not want people to behave inadequately. But while e.g. UK-adminstrations or even those in California always stress the cooperative element in rules and orders (“thank you for your cooperation”) or have at least an educational approach (“we have to do this because of this”), in NYC sometimes all those signs transmitted an unfriendly or even suspicious mood to me.
I have a little collection of “No”-signs here, just to stress my observations. And if you do not agree with that perception of New York City life, feel free to discuss it here. Continue reading

New York’s fantastic museums

MaskThis city harbors some of the world’s best museums. Not only the MoMa, but also the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art are references to every museum of their kind: Their collections cover so many objects, styles and eras and their approach is clearly educational. That’s why you see so many young people, especially in the museum of Natural history, everything is explained in an easy and comprehensive way. On the other hand it is so much that it is impossible to absorb the sheer mass of information, you just want to glide through everything and travel the time and space represented. Too much to talk about, let me just give you an emotional picture: it really gives you an overwhelming impression how rich life on earth and human culture really is..

Welcome to Williamsburg

Screen movieI was told, Williamsburg is a little like East-Berlin, lots of old, abandoned industrial sites that have been turned into lofts and artists spaces, nice cafés, clubs, cool stores and overall young, artistic and open-minded people. Williamsburg is the part of Brooklyn which is right across the East River from Manhattan, so you are in Midtown with three metro stops and still enjoy the cozyness and slightly lower living costs of Brooklyn. On our way there we already encountered a good piece of subculture and streetstyle: Two guys, one of them not older than 12 years started dancing on the train. Continue reading