Last Call For Disco

Last Call for discoIt’s an appealing name for a band, isn’t it? Four young men from Berlin performed yesterday at the semi-regular “LoFi Lounge” at Schokoladen, Ackerstraße, organized by Kitty.

(By the way: If the guys from Schokoladen could not continue with their concerts due to a more expensive hire contract, it would be a shame. Great location for new music, always!)

Around 20h, I passed by and heard the driving beat from inside, the guys did their soundcheck. I liked it and their name “Last Call For Disco”, and since it is only five minutes from my flat I went later to see their concert.

With no contract yet, they are doing it right: Playing a lot of shows, supported by a stylish website and also a profile on MySpace – all sorts of promoting the music.

It was a nice concert. Lively, with a glamorous and charismatic singer and some cool hooks, always driven by a steady disco-rock beat. A good show, everybody had a good time.

But I could tell, they haven’t been playing long together. As singer Jake told me later, it has only been a couple of months.
The songs are still quite alike and, honestly, sound pretty much like Franz Ferdinand (at least, I thought so when I took the movie..)

To sum it up: They did a really good performance and already have some cool ideas. In my opinion, there’s a lot of potential.
Good luck, guys!! Their garden barbecues are also famous..

Last Call for Disco

Last Call

Last Call

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